Custom UG Series solenoid valves
Custom UG Series solenoid valves
UG Series

Item specifics

Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloy



Solenoid valves control the supply of air to the actuator, thus controlling the valve assembly. The valves offer maximum internal and external protection from liquids and gases, for use in severe environments, with a variety of functions - normally closed, normally open, and diverter.

UG manufactures solenoid valves offering a complete range of options designed according to NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845, so as non-NAMUR style valves. For NAMUR style valves, each solenoid valve is field interchangeable for use in either double-acting (4-Way) or spring return (3-Way) rotary actuators and is available in single coil, dual coil, or 3-position configurations (open centers, closed centers, or centers-in-pressure). For non-NAMUR style valves, they are primarily ½” NPT for usage with our heavy-duty scotch yoke actuators.

1. Namur (direct) mount conforms to VDI/VDE specifications
2. Available weatherproof or explosion-proof
3. Anodized aluminum body
4. Single or dual coil available
5. Manual override standard
6. Various voltages available