UG Series Modulating Electric Actuators
UG Series Modulating Electric Actuators
UG Series Modulating Electric Actuators
UG Series Modulating Electric Actuators
UG Series

Item specifics

Modulating Electric Actuator
Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
24VDC, 110VAC, 220VDC, 450VDC
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Modulating electric actuators make the modulating control valve able to open at any position between 0-100% open/closed. They have an internal system that positions the output shaft to an input control signal, proportionately. Unlike on-off electric actuators, modulating actuators do not necessarily travel the full span from opening to closing in one movement, but move only according to the change in the input control signal.

UG is specialized in the professional design and manufacturing of electric actuators in high performance to provide an optimized solution for the valve automation field. UG series modulating electric actuators set us apart from the competition. Our stainless-steel actuators conform to the ISO standard. It makes valve automation easy and cost-effective.
Key Performance

•Input Signal: 4~20mA, 0~10mA
•Input Impedance: 250Ω(4~20 mA) or 5000Ω(0~10mA)
•Valve Position Sensor: Single-turn absolute value encoder
•Valve Transmitting Output Signal: 4~20mA or 0~10mA
•Intrinsic Error: ≤10.2%
•Motor Blocking Protection Time:1~25.4S (default 6.4S)
•Consumption Power: 53VA
•Actuator Operating Sensitivity: 0.1% ~ 12.5%
•Insulation Strength: power frequency1500V, 1 min
•Insulation Resistance: above 50MΩ
•Environment Temperature: 0~55°C
•Relative Humidity: ≤85%
•Power Voltage: AC220V (or AC380V) 50Hz+10%; or DC24V
•Outline Dimension (mm): 128*84
•Signal disconnection, no feedback, motor stalling failure protection function.
•Instantaneous Reverse Rotation Protection Function:
Prior to implementing reverse action instruction, control panel stops rotation with certain time delay (delay time is adjustable as per requirement) to avoid unnecessary damage to electric motor, speed reducer or valve rod, etc.
•Failure code warning function
•One-key calibration function
•Passive feedback output function for full close position and fully open position